What essential oils are in the kit, and what do they do?

Inside the kit are three essential oils for you to use at your leisure - 100% natural lavender essential oil, peppermint oil and rosemary oil. Lavender oil is perfect for relaxation, as it promotes sleep and stress relief. Peppermint oil cools hot flushes, a very common feeling during Cancer, due to menopausal effects. Rosemary oil is recommended as part of an "anti-Cancer diet". Used with the broccoli seeds and tea, this can create the basis of a very worthwhile lifestyle pattern. 

More info in the handy book included within each kit!


What are the health benefits of broccoli seeds?

We have included a chapter about this, inside our 'REJUVENATE' guidebook, for you to have a read. Broccoli seeds are the phenomenon of the 21st century. When sprouted, glutathione, quercetin and glucoraphanin are your best friends! Glutathione acts as a barrier, protecting you from nasty illness, potentially reversing Cancer spread. Quercetin reduces inflammation and stops Cancer cells communicating. This especially reduces the risk of colon, breast, spleen and prostate Cancer. Glucoraphanin, when broken down, supports Cancer fighting enzymes.

Research is sourced from ongoing scientific research papers. Dr Rhonda Patrick, in particular, goes into detail about this via YouTube.


Will this cure my Cancer?

We do not claim to completely 'cure' your Cancer, as everyone is different. However, scientific studies suggest that an organic, wholesome diet is the foundation for maintaining good health, and potentially reversing the effects of Cancer. We believe that using our products support you in the best way possible, treating your body in a deserving and gentle way.


When should I use the broccoli seeds and tea by?

We suggest sprouting your seeds and consuming the tea up to 6 months after the date of delivery. Fresh is best!


I love your mission! Is there any way that I can get involved?

Thank you! and absolutely! As we grow, our aim is to create an online community within a closed group. For now, head over to our social media (Instagram and Facebook) @rejuvenatekits , drop us a follow, and get involved in the action!