My Story


Our brand started from a diagnosis. I was 17, diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and crippled by feelings of overwhelm and fear. I didn't know where to turn or what I needed. When I was diagnosed, loved ones declared their love by showering me with gifts. Trays of chocolate, bouquets bursting at the rim, toiletries, and the same inspirational quote was given to me, so many times that I saw that quote in every direction I looked. Did they help me much? Not really. The flowers wilted, the chocolates crippled me further, and as for the quote, it was nice to look at for a while.

Cancer patients need help. Cancer friends and family need help too. No-one knows what to do when hearing the news of a diagnosis. The patient doesn't know either. I desperately craved products that would help with my side affects, such as hair growth and dry skin, but I didn't have the energy nor the knowledge to find them.

This lead to the creation of REJUVENATE KITS. The most beneficial gift and necessity for yourself, or a loved one; after diagnosis, during treatment, and after Cancer too.

Now it is my mission to take the anxiety and overwhelm out of Cancer, as much as possible. I have used my experience by carefully creating a Care Kit that solves fears of excessively dry skin, hair regrowth and overall health and wellbeing, by feeding our bodies with 'the good stuff'. Our main drive is for all contents to be organic and chemical-free. No nasties. Especially during Cancer, our bodies don't deserve it. It is the most beneficial gift I could have received, packed with wholesome products for you to use during and after Cancer, plus some guidance and supportive tips too. It is a gift, to you or your loved one, but it is also a necessity.

I hope you love it, just as much as I do.

Beth - Founder of REJUVENATE KITS