Organic and Natural Gift - Cancer Care Kit – REJUVENATE KITS

Making Stressful Times Less Stressful...


"I didn't know I needed this! It's helped me out so much and made me feel much better in myself. It's the perfect gift!" - Anna, London

"I've never seen anything like this, what a great idea" - Kathryn, London

"Such a brilliant present for anyone going through chemo... I remember people sending me flowers because they didn't know what to give me" - Brogan, Birmingham

"Wow, there's so much thought gone into it. This is the perfect package to give to someone who's not having a great time at the moment" - Sarah, Leicestershire

"How cute are the inspirational quotes and support at the back of the book! Plus the space to write your own ideas too. The cutest thing ever! LOVE" - Georgie, Buckinghamshire